Tarot Readings

All readings are done one of two ways:

  1. Via video (done through Zoom)
  2. Via audio recording

Once you have decided what type of reading you’d like and click the “Purchase Here” button, you will be taken to my Paypal.me link. Hit “send,” then paste the following into the Notes section [see screenshot here]:

Preferred Name:
Preferred Pronouns:

Which Reading(s) You Purchased:
Format of Choice
(Video or Audio):
Your Question(s) for the Cards:

I will respond within 72 hours letting you know your purchase has been received and either provide you with:

  • An estimated date you can expect your report (if audio); or
  • To schedule a date and time for the reading (if video)

And that’s it! Scroll down to search listings to begin 😊.

*IMPORTANT: you do NOT need to hit the ‘Purchase Here’ button for every single reading you want. The button is there for your convivence – if you have multiple items you’d like to buy, simply add up the total and make a note at the time of purchase.

Product Listings

For You:

Standard Consultation

$55 USD for one hour; $30 for every additional 30 minutes

This is a time-based booking designed to give both you and I freedom to address any and all concerns you’re having. Minimum one hour with room to add more time in 30 minute increments.

General Ten-Card Spread

$40 USD

New(er) to tarot and want to see what kind of answers the cards can give without feeling overwhelmed? Start here!

For Couples

Forget Me (Not) Relationship Spread

$35 USD

Hung up on something with a significant other but don’t know where to start? This is the perfect spread to sort it out with!

Specials & Add-ons

Yes or No Decision-Making Spread (ADD-ON)

$10 USD

Add this to one of the above readings if you need a little extra guidance on making a difficult decision.

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