By Jasmine Sierra
Last Updated 07/2020


  1. Interested in a reading? DM me or send a request to ! Once the type of reading you want is confirmed, provide an e-mail address that I can send your report to. Depending on the length of report that you’ve chosen, the average time for a report is 5-7 business days. Payment is due prior to service.

  2. Pricing is based on length of report, time spent, and how studied I am in the subject (i.e. I’m very comfortable with transits but am new to synastry). The pricings listed below may be changed/raised as necessary.
  3. While you are welcome to check the status of your reading, please do not rush me on completing the report. I spend my time making sure I am explaining likely outcomes based on what I see presented to me. It takes time to provide a good reading.
  1. What I suggest are possibilities based on what I see during the reading. Please do not get upset if you don’t like what you read ⁠— the future is never set in stone and you have free will to make adjustments to prepare yourself. There are also times where things may be true but aren’t “active” – these could be matters happening for you in the background.

    You are also more than welcome to seek a reading with another diviner if you feel what I’ve provided isn’t resonating, but keep in mind that there are NO refunds once your reading is complete.*

*Exceptions can be made if you paid and I have not yet provided you with your reading. I always keep the payment in my Paypal/Venmo and only transfer it AFTER I’ve completed the work. You are welcome to request one if it takes me longer than 7 business days to get you your reading, or you have extenuating circumstances where you need your funds back. Depending on the completion status of your reading, the refund may only be partial.

*NOTE* For any astrology readings, it’s essential that you have an accurate time of birth! Inaccuracies or not knowing your precise birth time will be less accurate since the planets are placed based on your ascendant (what sign was just above the horizon at the time of your birth). If you have an estimate, you are welcome to provide it, keeping in mind not everything may resonate. 

*NOTE* For tarot readings, please make sure the question you ask is clear in its intention! You are the agent of the reading, so put yourself first (i.e. “What are some things I can expect to happen for the month of July?) Avoid being vague by specifying what situation you’re dealing with. Avoid asking yes/no questions unless you have specified that you want a yes/no reading. 


  • General Chart Reading: A written report containing the breakdown of your natal chart. The report aims to provide a broad, basic overview of your chart. This includes: your Sun/Moon/Rising Sign, and 3 to 5 key aspects that have significant influence on your personality: $20
  • Advanced Chart Reading: A written report for those who are more comfortable with astrology and want to dive deeper into their chart. Key primary aspects will be reviewed, as well as secondary influences that color the natal chart. Analysis will also include (where applicable): Chiron, Lilith, Ceres, and Path of Fortune: $35

  • Solar Return Report (a look at the year ahead for you and how to apply your innate strengths to succeeding at your goals): $10

  • Lunar Return Report (a quick look at the next month ahead for you by analyzing your natal chart when your moon returns to its natal spot):  $5

  • Upcoming Transit Report (this is a quick snapshot of current planetary transits and how they’re affecting you right now, including longer term transits from the outer planets. Good for ~3-4 weeks): $25 (See a Sample Report Here)

  • Progressions Report (a quick peek at your progressed moon and any aspects your progressed planets are making to natal ones – this analyses the emotional undercurrents you are experiencing over a period 2-3 years): $7
  • Basic Synasty Report (a brief overview of 3-5 key harmonious/disharmounious aspects between you and the one you have your eyes on): $20 

**Video Appointments are available on request! I do: Skype, Discord, Zoom. Depending on the type of report you request, a time allotment of up to 1 hour will be blocked off. Video visits longer than 15 minutes will be an additional $5; video visits longer than 45 minutes will be an additional $10


*Decks I Use: Tarot of Sexual Magic, Moon Power Tarot Deck, Vessel Oracle Deck

  • 5-Card Love Reading (18+ ONLY!): Reading is done with the Tarot of Sexual Magic. I’ll do a quick 3-card snapshot based on one question you have of likely outcomes, along with assessing the “back of the deck” energy (what the event unfolding will feel like to you) and an advice card: $7

  • 8-Card General Reading: Reading is done with Moon Power Tarot Deck and Vessel Oracle Deck. I’ll do a 3-card snapshot based on one question you have, along with the “back of the deck” energy and advice the tarot has. Three oracle cards summing up additional “themes” you may encounter will also be drawn: $10

  • Quick 3-Card Yes/No ReadingReading can be done with either tarot deck of your choice. Ask one yes/no question and I’ll draw your answer, followed by a general “why” card and an advice card: $4

**Additional Tarot Reading options will be available at a later date, TBA. 


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