Wanna Book Me?

By Jasmine Sierra
Last Updated 06/2021


All readings are done one of three ways:

  1. Over a video medium of your choice (Skype/Discord/Zoom/etc.)
  2. As a pre-recorded audio reading
  3. As a written report*

    *: Written reports have a longer turnaround time as they are done from scratch (See Written Samples Here).

Once you’ve made your purchase (link below), make sure you send a note so I know a) what type of reading you want and b) what format you want it in!

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If you’re stuck on what to do/what you need, check out my guidelines on how to book and what you need to know!


  • General Chart Reading ($45): A condensed overview of your natal chart for those newer to astrology. The report aims to provide a straightforward look at your chart that will explain in simplified terms (i.e your basic personality orientation, your career aspirations, and how you are in relationships both romantic and platonic).
  • Advanced Chart Reading ($60) A written report for those who are more comfortable with astrology and want to dive deeper into their chart. Key primary aspects will be reviewed, as well as secondary influences that color the natal chart. Analysis will also include ecliptic points (i.e.Lilith) and asteroids (i.e. Chiron, Juno) where applicable.

  • Solar Return Report ($30): A look at the year ahead for you by analyzing where the planets will far in your natal chart on your birthday, and how to apply your innate strengths to succeeding at your goals.  

  • Upcoming Transit Report, 3 months ($40): This is a snapshot of current planetary transits and how they’re affecting you right now. For a 3-month transit, we will be looking at how the inner planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars) will color your personal experiences and how the outer planets (Jupiter & Saturn) will be influencing what’s happening around you.
  • Upcoming Transit Report, 6 months ($60): Similar to the above. In the case of a 6 month transit, however, we will also take a brief look at the planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto to understand how long-term societal changes are impacting your experience of these transits.

  • *DEAL* Progressions Report ($25): Progression in astrology is a technique where we take the cycle of the moon (which works in days) and stretch it out to a year. By taking a quick peek at your progressed moon and any aspects your progressed planets are making to natal ones , I can analyze the emotional undercurrents you are experiencing over a period 2-3 years.

  • Basic Synasty Report ($30): A condensed overview of both your natal chart and a partner of your choosing for those newer to astrology. The report aims to provide a straightforward look at how you two interact with each other – the positives and negatives – so that you have a better understanding of how you relate to one another. *NOTE: If you are doing the reading and are in a relationship, both you and your partner are welcome to sit in together!


*NOTE: If you are more comfortable with tarot, you are welcome to make a request for a customized spread. We can discuss pricing once the final reading arrangement is agreed upon.

  • *DEAL* 5-Card Love & Sexuality Reading ($15) Reading is done with the Tarot of Sexual Magic. I’ll do a quick 3-card snapshot based on one question you have of likely outcomes, along with assessing the “back of the deck” energy (what the event unfolding will feel like to you) and an advice card.

  • General Reading ($30): Reading is done with either Moon Power Tarot Deck or The Cosmic Tarot, plus additional advice given by TheVessel Oracle Deck. I’ll do a 10-card snapshot based on one question you have, along with the “back of the deck” energy and advice the tarot has. Three oracle cards summing up additional “themes” you may encounter will also be drawn.

  • ADD-ON! Quick 3-Card Yes/No Reading (10 minutes, $10):  Use this to supplement one of the two above reading options if you need additional guidance from the cards. Reading can be done with either tarot deck of your choice. Ask one yes/no question and I’ll draw your answer, followed by a general “why” card and an advice card.

*Decks I Use: Tarot of Sexual Magic, Moon Power Tarot Deck, The Cosmic Tarot, Vessel Oracle Deck