The Hyperbolic Time Chamber (mini-update!)

The last time I stared at the WordPress editor, it was the end of February. I was finishing up a big two–part series about the intentionality of healing wounded ancestral and familiar patterns during my progressed lunar return. Not long after, I vanish. I recognize all things have their cycle — my ability to sitContinue reading “The Hyperbolic Time Chamber (mini-update!)”

The Year I Turned 27, Part 2

Summary: This is a follow-up to a two-part series. The series is told as personal, multi-genre essay where I compare my personal experiences to varying astrological phenomena (namely the Progressed Lunar Return and the Reverse Nodal Return). For Part Two, I open up commentary on the subject of fate and free will as it pertainsContinue reading “The Year I Turned 27, Part 2”

The Many Myths of Venus; or, How to Decode Venus Retrograde

Cover art (c) Janet Hill, “Venus in Her Lair” Summary: This article is a deconstruction of Venus’ 584-day cycle around the Sun as seen from our perspective. In it, I will go over the two distinct phases of Venus (Morning Star and Evening Star), then wrap up with an examination of Venus Rx and howContinue reading “The Many Myths of Venus; or, How to Decode Venus Retrograde”

The Year I Turned 27, Part 1

Oh, youth. I remember the sweet, swan-song days of yore — it almost feels like yesterday that my only concerns were somewhere along the lines of being mad at how early I had to get up for school and not wanting to wear that one ugly hand-me-down sweater my mom got at the Mormon-run thriftContinue reading “The Year I Turned 27, Part 1”

Which Recently Famous Girl Rapper Are You? (Based on Your Sun Sign)

Cover Image Edited by (c) Jasmine Lomax. *Please note: You can also read for your Moon and Rising sign too if it resonates! Pop astrology is about the ability to package your information in a way that is equal parts easy and entertaining. Whether you use Bratz dolls or iStock images for your aesthetic, beingContinue reading “Which Recently Famous Girl Rapper Are You? (Based on Your Sun Sign)”

My Presence is My Past: Your Saturn Return in Aquarius

Cover Image (c) Kelsey Smith I LOVE(D) the 90s. Mind you, I was only 5-6 years old at the turn of the new millennium, so my memory of things is warped by things a 5-6 year old would concern themselves with: the latest toys, not going to bed when I’m told, and trying my damndestContinue reading “My Presence is My Past: Your Saturn Return in Aquarius”

Celebrity Case Study: Rico Nasty

You know the phrase “WWJD” (What Would Jesus Do)? It’s that, except we’re gonna make it “What Would Black Women Do” instead because that’s who’s next to godlieness right now. Before we start, I just have to say: It has been so, so, so fucking refreshing to see my fellow Black women taking center stageContinue reading “Celebrity Case Study: Rico Nasty”

If You Think Capricorns Are Boring, Read This

Cover Art (c) Georges Muchery Oh, Capricorns. Aren’t they so hardworking? You admire pop astrology’s description of their willpower — they are often portrayed as willing to scale to the top of the mountain and preserve through all storms, so much so that sometimes, you wish you had that kind of work ethic for yourselfContinue reading “If You Think Capricorns Are Boring, Read This”

Celebrity Case Study: Kurt Cobain

If you read my previous post about the astrological marker that Vaporwave has left in the music world, then this post likely comes as no surprise to you. Nonetheless, this post is overdue for me as I’ve been itching to talk about it for a while. And there’s much I can say about it —Continue reading “Celebrity Case Study: Kurt Cobain”

Vaporwave is Dead, Long Live Vaporwave: The Astrological Imprints of the Internet’s First-born Music Genre

Cover image (c) shorkiedokey Vaporwave. You might have seen it around if you’ve ever had a Tumblr, or frequent the underground music scene for the latest experimental trends. The name itself eludes a singular definition; it is instead stitched together from disparate parts of 80s and 90s pop, smooth jazz, funk, and chillwave — justContinue reading “Vaporwave is Dead, Long Live Vaporwave: The Astrological Imprints of the Internet’s First-born Music Genre”