Astrology Readings

All readings are done one of two ways:

  1. Via video (done through Zoom)
  2. Via audio recording

Once you have decided what type of reading you’d like and click the “Purchase Here” button, you will be taken to my link. Hit “send,” then paste the following into the Notes section [see screenshot here]:

Preferred Name:
Preferred Pronouns:

Which Reading(s) You Purchased:
Format of Choice
(Video or Audio):
Date of Birth:
Time of Birth
Location of Birth:

Anything in Particular You’d Like to Know?:

*Time of birth is very important to getting the most accurate reading possible; however, if you do not know your exact time, please try to at least provide your best guess and I will make it work!

I will respond within 72 hours letting you know your purchase has been received and either provide you with:

  • An estimated date you can expect your report (if audio); or
  • To schedule a date and time for the reading (if video)

And that’s it! Scroll down to search listings to begin 😊.

*IMPORTANT: you do NOT need to hit the ‘Purchase Here’ button for every single reading you want. The button is there for your convivence – if you have multiple items you’d like to buy, simply add up the total and make a note at the time of purchase.

Product Listings

For You:

Natal Chart Reading (Beginner)

$50 USD

Are you interested in learning about your birth chart but not sure where to start? This beginner-friendly session will go over all the basics to help you understand your astrological profile!

Natal Chart Reading (Advanced)

$70 USD

If you’ve already gotten your feet wet with astrology and want a more in-depth report, this is the one for you.

Transit Report

3 Month Report: $55 USD
6 Month Report: $70 USD
1 Year Report: $100 USD

Don’t want the stars to catch you with your pants down? Get ahead by knowing what’s coming up next.

For Couples:

Synastry Report (Beginner)

$60 USD

Love is in the air — and in the stars. See how you and your partner are together in this beginner-friendly introduction to synastry.

*Advanced synastry report coming soon

If You Just Want a Sample:

Solar Return Report

$30 USD

The perfect birthday treat if you just want a condensed overview of your year with none of the frills.

Lunar Progressions Report

$25 USD

Lunar Progressions (also known as Secondary Progressions) is a good way to sample astrology and will help you get see how you’re developing on a subconscious level.

*Please note: you can also choose this as an add-on option with a transit reading for an even deeper dive!

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