About This Blog


welcome! Whether you’ve come from my main blog or have just stumbled in because you were idly Googling things like ‘Kurt Cobain natal chart,’ then you’ve come to the right place. This is a sister site to compliment the work I will be doing as a boudoir model and poet; I use it both to explore my own impulsive interests (like Aphrodite and niche internet trends) and to show my know-how as an emerging spiritual practitioner, with a predominant focus on astrology.

The goal of this sister site is here to entertain and learn in equal measure. I want new clients who are seeking to reconnect with their sexual selves to (if they feel inclined) reconnect with their spiritual selves as well.

But even if you’re not looking for intimacy coaching services right now, this sister site can function on its own as a hub for spiritual enthusiasts and eager students to gather.


my name is Jasmine! I am (mostly) your run-of-the-mill 20something striking out for gold after deciding to say fuck-all to working for the bogus “man.” My background is predominantly in the creative arts with a focus on writing; I also have history with psychology.

As far as my “credentials” go, I have dipped in and out of studying astrology for the last decade (give or take), having only settled more concretely in star work for the last year and a half. By and large I work with Western astrology and use the Tropical Placidus system, but keep myself informed by reading about things like the Sidereal system and Traditional (Hellenistic) astrology. I’ve also been studying tarot and different modalities of Paganism in that time frame, having recently come into myself as a Hellenic witch and an Aphrodite devotee.

If any of that tickles you, welcome to the ride!