The Hyperbolic Time Chamber (mini-update!)

The last time I stared at the WordPress editor, it was the end of February. I was finishing up a big twopart series about the intentionality of healing wounded ancestral and familiar patterns during my progressed lunar return.

Not long after, I vanish. I recognize all things have their cycle — my ability to sit down in front of the editor and hash out 3k research-heavy articles became complicated by the virtue of just living. In six months, I got married to the most wonderful being in my life. I took on a role that involves a great deal of relationship building with the community, a wonderful thing after months of (partially) self-imposed isolation for fear that I was not “ready” to do any of this work. I am also, in true Jasmine fashion, bouncing excitedly from project to project, seeing the grand vision coalesce in my mind’s eye but not before being buried in a slew of Word documents to get there.

Most of the things I “have” to do. . . I don’t. The Gemini Rising in me just chooses violence. / Image (C) Toei Animation

As I get older, I recognize the limits of what I can do as one person. I know, spoken like a true Saturn-dominant. But these limits are not depressing so much as they are a reminder to me that I want to start learning how to move with it. I may not be able to hash out an article in a week or two because of a busier life now, but I need not abandon it either (nor do I want to). On the contrary, I’m learning how to take a perverse joy in stealing minutes for myself before the thrilling chaos of the day imposes itself on me.

Better still, I am learning how to let go of this need to present polished posts. Great astrologers and writers like alicesparklykat remind me of the importance of saying what I have to say over the need to make it presentable all the time. Writing without total certainty of topic, not worrying if the next post is a deeply researched thesis — though I’m sure there’s appreciation from my community of readers when I do that (who by the way, you guys have pushed me to almost 8k views despite my lack of posting so thank you bunches!).

What I think you value just a little bit more than my super-polished, well-articulated posts on natal charts and astrological trends is what I have to say beneath all of that. This is not to say I will never do those kind of posts again; I’m already bouncing between several topics like Saturn Returns, Saturn-Pluto cycles, Neptune and its cultural impact, etc. that I want to vomit out on the page all at once. Eventually.

Rather, I am looking to be more expansive on what I do here. Things like trying to offer readings again (a calling I shelved due to my then not-knowing how to promote them well), studying broader topics that have to do with religion and spirituality . . . in the long term, I feel called to make divinity my focus. I have gotten very intimate with God during this last year and have felt called to deepen myself in this path. It’d be fun, for example, to go back to school to get a Master’s in Divinity and start my own school of religion. You know, kind of like Alistair Crowley but without becoming too difficult to understand towards the end.

Great Beast 666, anybody?

My goal in the shorter-term is to get back into rhythm. It does not mean my rhythm will be regular, just that I want to get back into practice and post all those things I’ve been dying to write about over time. Somewhere in the mix, I want to figure out how to put my readings out there again as a service you can sign up for.

Above all else, I want to connect with you more deliberately. Let’s get to know each other, you and I, reader an author. It will be madness. It will be fun.

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