A Quick Ritual for Honoring Aphrodite

Quick Notes:

  • This ritual is effective any time that you should perform it, but for best results, perform on a Friday night, any time during the month of April, or when the moon is full. 
  • Offering to Aphrodite helps if you have made some space for her so she knows it’s a dedicated offering! Your altar space doesn’t have to be huge  — if you carve out even a corner’s worth of room with the intent to offer this to her, it will be appreciated 

What You Need:

  • One candle (any candle is fine, but if you want it to reflect Aphrodite, pick candles that smell like roses, the ocean, or fresh linen)
  • A drink  — in a pinch, water is sufficient, but spending time on making something (i.e. tea, warm milk) is favorable
  • Optional  — Rose Water to sprinkle on your wrists and behind your ears
  • Optional  — An offering from outside, something you found organically (i.e. a flower, a stone) 


  1. Make the drink and place it on the designated space for Aphrodite

  2. (Optional) Anoint your wrists and the back of your ears with the Rose Water.

  3. Light the candle and say your thanks   — I’m leaving this ritual open-ended as Aphrodite can be thanked for many things (i.e. the birth of a project, confidence, sex). If you are new to offering to Aphrodite and aren’t sure what to thank her for, you can simply thank her for the flowers that grow, the birds that sing, and the beauty around you.

  4. Honor your thanks by following up with an action that satisfies Aphrodite. This can include: masturbating for yourself, spending time getting dressed or doing make-up, admiring yourself in a mirror, spending time with your lover, going for a walk outside, etc. 


Now is a perfect time to to try this since it’s summer and the days are longer  — if it’s safe for you to do so, spend time out in nature or with yourself to really see the beauty in things!

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