Jasmine Sierra is your affectionately self-identified Witch-bitch on this corner internet; she is a recent Master’s degree graduate who uses her love of writing to do deep dives on astrology, tarot, the Divine Feminine, and esoteric spirituality in general.

When Jasmine isn’t doing these things, she’s hanging about in her hometown of Seattle, WA, working on establishing presence as a professional artist , boudoir model, and all-around content creator.

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Why Book Me?

Divination is a tool; a language that helps put into perspective the things we experience as physical beings in a chaotic, spontaneous universe. Here is a place where I want you to be my co-conspirator let’s learn more about your journey together and make new discoveries.

Jazz’s readings were super thorough. She took the time to really go into depth in my chart and the things she said really resonated with me. It helped me navigate certain relationships and conversations because I was ready for certain things to happen based on her reading. I really appreciated it and I would totally get another reading again! — Fay F. / Massachusetts

While seeking guidance on my personal journey, I very naturally came across Jasmine. . . Not only was I attracted to her lifestyle of living a standard of openness, but her ability and willingness to meet anyone ‘where they are at’ on this journey. I signed up for the Basic Natal Chart reading for my own personal grounding while inviting a new energy in. I was very pleased with the connectivity and influx of information provided and explained one great detail . I quickly signed up for a course of 3 months of readings to help keep my mind focused with upcoming obligations.  #HONORED Stix B. / Kentucky

Jasmine’s readings are ridiculously accurate. Her explanations were thorough, but straight to the point, & she helped me feel reassured about the career-path that I was going to try to go for, and broke down the reasons for my shift in pace this year by looking at my transits. I really highly recommend booking with her to look at your chart and break things down for you, her service is amazing. — Fae H. / Canada

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